Pricing / Interior Design

1 photo ………….. $30

(three image minimum)


Pricing for an interior design shoot is different from a real estate shoot. In real estate, the focus is on documenting each room and showing more of the flow of the house, along with highlighting amenities.

With an interior design shoot, the number of images is far less but more specialized. More time and care is needed to showcase the work of the designer, which may even involve rearranging furniture to achieve the highest aesthetic possible. 

The shoot may also be scheduled around a certain time of day, high noon or dusk, so a spectacular view outside can be part of the image. 

If a particular room looks breath-taking with natural light streaming through the windows, then that will be factored into the equation as well.

When shooting interior design, there is usually some pre-planning to account for capturing the specific images the designer wants to have represent them and their work. 

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